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Moving into a new blogspace

Blogger made my old Blogspot of this blog go BOOM! after they changed some of their site coding, so I'm porting my old entries from Notes from the Underworld to this LiveJournal, since they cannot currently be seen at the Blogspot site.

I am not happy about this. At. All.

I have 147 entries to post here by hand, one by one.

Anything dated before today was originally a Blogspot post. Anything after today's date will be posted to both Blogspot and here. (Silly me thinks that Blogger might actually make things work again correctly someday . . . )

I'm using one of the current standard LJ templates -- I'm not enthusiastic about it, but it could be fuglier than it is . . .

~~ tosses rotten tomatoes at Blogger ~~
Tags: livejournal, originally a blogspot post
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